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Aquino is engaging in the cheapest form of anti-NPA propaganda–CPP



Aquino is engaging in the cheapest form of anti-NPA propaganda–CPP

Information Bureau
Communist Party of the Philippines
April 25, 2013

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today castigated the Aquino regime for “engaging in the cheapest form of anti-NPA propaganda in the vain effort to justify its failure to seriously engage the revolutionary forces in peace negotiations and cover-up its failure to address the socio-economic problems of the people that are at the root of the raging armed conflict in the Philippines.”
The CPP issued this statement in reaction to the statements issued earlier by Malacañang claiming that the New People’s Army (NPA) is not interested in peace negotiations and has supposedly lost all ideology and “resorted to banditry”.
“If the leaders and members of the NPA were driven only by the selfish aim of enriching themselves, they would instead simply join the government and allow themselves to be used by the criminal scalawags posing as politicians, officers of the military and police, judges and big bureacrats,” said the CPP.
“The biggest bandits in the Philippines are those in the Aquino regime and its big business sycophants who fund the election kitties of their favored politicians, manipulate election results, dish out and receive state favors, tax exemptions and juicy contracts to the detriment of the Filipino people.”
“The Aquino regime has resorted to the cheapest anti-NPA propaganda line of painting the armed revolutionary movement as banditry in the desperate hope of disparaging the justness of the revolutionary cause and undermining the legitimacy of the political structures of governance built by the people’s democratic mass organizations in the revolutionary areas,” added the CPP.
“At various levels, the people’s government functions as a democratic state that is governed by laws and policies that advance the people’s long-standing aspirations in the economic, political, security, cultural and other fields.”
“Aquino and his cohorts are peeved by the fact that the people’s organs of political power exercises government functions and issues policies regulating the conduct of the reactionary elections in order to protect the rights and welfare of the people,” pointed out the CPP.
“They are doubly peeved by the fact that most of the reactionary politicians and political candidates actually abide by these policies.” The CPP said the armed political scoundrels who refuse to abide by the policies of the people’s democratic government are in the minority.
The CPP also laughed off claims by Aquino’s spokesperson that the revolutionary armed movement is simply engaging in “attention grabbing activities” in launching tactical offensives.
“The Aquino regime and its armed forces desperately try to downgrade the current strength of the revolutionary forces by endlessly repeating the lie that the NPA had 25,000 fighters in 1986 and that there are now only 4,000 to 5,000. The fact is that the NPA had only around 6,000 high powered firearms in 1986-1987.
“As it continues to seize the initiative and intensify the people’s war, the NPA is set to surpass its previous peak strength in the 1980s within the current presidential term of Aquino, if it is not cut short by an upheaval of mass protests before 2016.”


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