Friday, July 26, 2013

GPH-MNLF 1996 Final Peace Agreement

Statement of Secretary Teresita Quintos Deles On the Status of the Tripartite Implementation Review of the GPH-MNLF 1996 Final Peace Agreement

Posted on Friday, Jul 26th, 2013
This morning, at around 9:00 AM in Jakarta, I held a meeting with HE Minister for Foreign Affairs Marty Natalegawa to discuss the status of the Tripartite Implementation Review of the GPH-MNLF 1996 Final Peace Agreement, which is being facilitated by the OIC Peace Committee for Southern  Philippines (PCSP) chaired by Indonesia.
This was a follow-through on the meeting also held in Jakarta last March when Secretary Albert del Rosario relayed to Minister Natalegawa the GPH position that it was time to bring the tripartite review process to a proper completion.  After almost six years (the review mechanism began in November, 2007), a joint review process had already established consensus points and some joint mechanisms and actions particularly between MNLF representatives and the ARMM regional government.
As stated in Minister Natalegawa’s letter to the OIC Secretary-General which the Indonesian Ministry shared with us, “the GPH conveyed its assurances that in the case of the closure of the Tripartite Implementation Review Process, GPH will continue to engage relevant parties of the MNLF, through the existing mechanism, to find a just and comprehensive political solution for the issue of the Southern Philippines.” From the start, what the GPH proposed to complete was the review process, not the closure of the peace process nor the abrogation of the 1996 Final Peace Agreement.
In light of the statements issued by Professor Misuari in Zamboanga City yesterday, followed by the  announced plan reported in some newspapers for the holding of an ‘Independence Assembly’ to discuss a draft constitution for the ‘Bangsamoro republic,’ Minister Natalegawa reiterated Indonesia’s firm support for the efforts being undertaken by the GPH to ensure a comprehensive political settlement of the armed conflict in Southern Philippines.  He was categorical in stating that Indonesia opposes any attempt to jeopardize the territorial integrity of the Philippines and that any such move falls outside the ambit of the agreed upon Tripartite Review Process.
Minister Natalegawa held the view that the review process had reached a critical juncture both in terms of it substance and its process.  He said that, for Indonesia, there is every interest to be able to say that the process has been completed and that everyone is on board.  He said it is important to ensure that the process does not provide any opportunity for ‘spoilers’ to intervene.
He further noted that the efforts of GPH should be propagated and understood.  He said that, if needed, Indonesia would be willing to assist the GPH in explaining the current situation to members of the OIC-PCSP, starting with those who are also members of ASEAN.
He advised the GPH to continue to exercise patience even in the face of provocation as he reiterated Indonesia’s support for the peace process in Mindanao.
We thank the Indonesian Government for their sustained support in pursuit of lasting peace in Mindanao and look forward to our steadfast partnership to ensure an inclusive peace for the entire Bangsamoro.

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