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Palace remains open for peace talks with leftist rebels

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Palace remains open for peace talks with leftist rebels September 5, 2013
The Palace reiterated that the Aquino administration remains open to continuing the peace discussions with the leftist rebels but they must show some goodwill and sincerity.
“May National Peace Consciousness this month. Ang position ng ating pamahalaan ay bukas tayo sa peace process. Ang kailangan natin sinseridad,” Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said in a press briefing in Malacanang on Thursday.
Peace discussions with the communist rebels have not gained much momentum because of many disagreements on both sides.
The rebels accused the government for its failure to implement an initial accord on respect for human rights in addition to other violations.
The government panel negotiating peace with the NPA said it may resume peace talks with the insurgents if they agrees on a new negotiating framework. Government negotiators added that the NPA should have a clear agenda for ending violence and bringing peace in the country.
Malacanang also condemned this week the NPA’s reported use of landmines particularly in an attack in Compostela Valley on Tuesday that injured seven soldiers.
The military claimed that the rebels had used poison-laced explosives in the attack.
Asked if the government will consider declaring the NPA a terror threat, Lacierda said he is leaving the decision at the hands of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the national security adviser.
The use of non-command-detonated explosives is banned by international laws like the Ottawa Treaty.
The military accused the NPA of using landmines laced with poison based on evidence military doctors discovered from the wounds of soldiers.
Reports indicated that doctors found traces of human feces and snake venom in wounds of the seven soldiers wounded during Tuesday’s attack.

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